Bluelight Filter for Eye Care 3.3.3 – Download for Android

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care - Download for Android
Latest Version:3.3.3
Platform:Minimum: Android 2.3
Author:Official website
File size:~ 9 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Take care of your eyes with this great color filter app named Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is an app to apply a color filter over the screen of your Android device, so you don’t make your eyes so tired by using it.

The basic features of this app let you set the filter’s opacity level and color. The default level, 30%, will make your eyes less tired, but also makes the screen darker. With a higher percentage, you’ll tire your eyes even less, but at the expense of having a much darker screen.

Although the default filter color is blue, this tool lets you change it to several others, like red or yellow. You can also activate the filter from the status bar, or choose to launch it at startup.

This Eye Care tool is a good app if your vision often gets tired from looking at your Android screen. Give your eyes a break using this nifty app.



Bluelight Filter for Eye Care - Download for Android



Requires Android 2.3 or higher.


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