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SMPlayer Media Player Review [VIDEO]

The ultimate free media player – dozens of tools and all the codecs you need, wrapped up in a friendly interface

SMPlayer is a free media player for Windows operating systems and Linux that uses the free media engines MPV and MPlayer for playback.

Like most media players nowadays, SMPlayer ships with built-in support for many popular and even lesser known video and audio formats so that it does not rely on installed codecs for playback.

Apart from great support for different formats, SMPlayer ships with a set of features such as YouTube support, automatic playback resume, or options to download subtitles that you won’t find in many other players.

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Intrusion 2 Review [VIDEO GAMEPLAY]

Have You Played… Intrusion 2?

As it turns out, running right and shooting dudes is still pretty fun. Many classic arcade shooters have aged incredibly well due to their addictive jump-shoot-dodge cycle complemented by varied level, enemy, and boss design. There are few modern games that can stand beside those classics.

These days the genre is used for flawed experiments, genre mashing, and ‘80s arcade tributes. Yet, Intrusion 2 is none of these things. It is a meeting point between old game design and new, with every other moment punctuated with some of the most thrilling level and boss design to grace the genre.

As improbable as it may sound, this game made by one guy not only stands up to the classics, it is every bit as good as Gunstar Heroes and Contra.

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Auslogics BitReplica review [VIDEO]

Use Auslogics BitReplica to easily backup your data

We are living in a digital world where all our memories are in the form of pictures, videos, and documents stored on hard disk of our computers. Even our favorite music collection is also stored in our PC. We cannot afford losing them at any cost but disasters can come uninvited. So, the question is that have you planned properly to deal with any accident?

You cannot stop any accident but you can control the damage by playing safe. The best strategy is to back up important data on a regular basis. We have already covered many free backup software for Windows. Auslogics BitReplica is another free tool for backing up files stored on your Windows PC.

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