Psiphon 307 – Download for Android

PsiPhon - Old version for Android
Latest Version:307
Platform:Android 2 or higher
Author:Official page
File size:~ 17 MB
Security level:100% Safe

PsiPhon for Android is a browser without any censorship.

Psiphon android is an open code browser whose only objective is to avoid the censorship that millions of users from all over the world have to suffer, the censorship which restricts freedom of expression and a lot of content on the Internet.

Once you start the application, you’ll be connected to the Psiphon servers which give you access, through a network of proxies, to any website in the world without danger of being discovered in the process. This means that you can anonymously and freely surf the entire web.

Once you are connected to this safe network of proxies, the app lets you browse from its integrated web browser, where you can add bookmarks, establish a startup page, and do everything you would on a normal web browser. Psiphon features, of course, are not as extended as other app’s, but it accomplishes its purpose perfectly.

Psiphon is a very interesting application for Android users who have problems avoiding censorship. Thanks to this application, you can freely surf the entire Internet and go to any site you want.



PsiPhon - Old version for Android



Requires Android 4 or higher.


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