Six Guns 2.9.5c – Download for Android

Six Guns - Download for Android
Latest Version:2.9.5c
Platform:Minimum: Android 4
Author:Official page
File size:~ 26 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Six Guns gives you the wildest adventures in the West

Six Guns is a third-person action game set in Arizona and Oregon, that follows a storyline very similar to that of Red Dead Redemption, which will allow you to travel through huge open scenes while shooting your guns and riding your horse.

This game features over forty different missions where you will face challenges of all kinds. From horse racing to facing gangs of enemies armed with guns… and even fighting supernatural creatures like vampires.

At your disposal, you will also have lots of enhancement elements to customize your character, eight different horses, almost twenty guns, outfits, and various objects… The possibilities of the game are huge in this regard.

At the graphic level, this game is a pretty good title. Not the best work from Gameloft, who is an expert in this area, but still the game grows on you.

This is a very good third-person action game with fun gameplay and a more than acceptable duration. There are dozens of hours in front of you on your Android once you install this game. It is also completely free.



Six Guns - Download for Android



Requires Android 4 or higher.


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