AegiSub – Download for Windows

AegiSub - Download for Windows
Latest Version:3.2.2
Platform:Windows XP and up
Author:Official website
File size:~ 15 MB
License:Open Source
Security level:100% Safe

The easy way to edit subtitles is with AegiSub.

AegiSub is a subtitle edition program that allows the user to modify any text file in an easy and fast way.

The program recognizes and supports all common subtitle formats: SSA, srt, sub, txt, ass, Mkv, mks and mka. That means you can load any subtitle file with no problem and edit it. AegisSub also includes a translation assistant to transcribe line by line the subtitle in case we have it in a different language

Of course, it also offers synchronization options to move all the text or only some parts to make it appear in the exact moment. There are lots of amateur subtitlers out there who will love this attractive application called AegiSub.


AegiSub - Download for Windows



21-day trial period.


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