The solution for Gmail not showing your images

Gmail not showing images

Are your images not showing in your Gmail account? Find alternative solutions here! Much easier than you imagined.

In December at the end of 2013, Google announced that Gmail is now offering a new service to cache your images on their own servers before you open your email, allowing Gmail to display images automatically. This has many advantages such as being able to remove that irritating “Ask before displaying external images” link on the top of any email with an image in it. It is also safer; Google servers check your images for known viruses or malware before they come to you. Certainly Gmail users can rejoice that their friendly online giant is once again looking out for their best interests.

Gmail not showing images

Not so fast! More and more reports are coming from users experiencing inconsistent behavior from their images. Some images do not show when they open their email, forcing them to open the email a second and possibly a third time before all the images are available. This seems to be a problem with the high demand on the Google proxy servers. So what can we do to ensure that the recipients of our emails will get all the images we sent?

Gmail not showing images

The most reliable method to send images in an email and be sure that the recipient receives all the images is still to upload the images via the “attachment” link. When it comes to receiving images from unknown senders however, Google points out that the proxy server helps protect the recipient’s IP address, geographic location, browser user agent, and “other identifying information.”

Gmail not showing images

If you prefer to authorize images per message you can choose the option “Ask before displaying external images” under the General tab in Settings.

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