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What is the average life of a HDD/SSD?

average life of a HDD/SSD

Your hard drives are your adoptive children that you need to care for meticulously for the sake of your saved data. Although there are exceptions to every rule, you have to keep in mind that a hard drive has a limited lifespan, meaning it’s worth your time to crunch the numbers to see if your unit has lived out the useful phase of its life cycle. To check the number of operational hours left in your drive, there are programs such as CrystalDiskInfo.

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The solution for Gmail not showing your images

Gmail not showing images

Are your images not showing in your Gmail account? Find alternative solutions here! Much easier than you imagined.

In December at the end of 2013, Google announced that Gmail is now offering a new service to cache your images on their own servers before you open your email, allowing Gmail to display images automatically. This has many advantages such as being able to remove that irritating “Ask before displaying external images” link on the top of any email with an image in it. It is also safer; Google servers check your images for known viruses or malware before they come to you. Certainly Gmail users can rejoice that their friendly online giant is once again looking out for their best interests.

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How to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues on long distance for free?

long distance for free

In days long gone, keeping in touch with people in other countries, let alone other continents was a matter of difficulty, hardship and not nearly enough efficiency.

Over the years several technological breakthroughs have enabled the evolvement of a few fast, effective and cost efficient ways to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues residing in different countries without the need to purchase, train and take care of an especially gifted carrier pigeon.

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Can Cognitive Development and Fun Be Used in the Same Sentence?

Cognitive Development and Fun

As parents, we’re greatly concerned about our children’s cognitive development, about giving them sufficient tools to cope with the ever complicating world around them and for being able to turn into independent, responsible and contributing members of society, or, if that’s too presumptuous, to at least be happy and do as little damage as possible while they’re at it.
One of the greatest ways to achieve all of those goals and gain some quality time with your kids is playing computer games designed for their age, games preferably not focused on recklessly driving the streets of an otherwise innocent city wielding a 4-foot-broadsword, dismembering unsuspecting bystanders and sipping on Vodka or any other drink of choice.

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