Psiphon 3 Build 176 – Download for Windows

Psiphon - Download for Windows
Latest Version:Build 176
Platform:Minimum: Windows XP
Author:Official website
File size:~ 7 MB
Security level:100% Safe

With Psiphon, you can give Internet access to those who are barred from It.

Psiphon is an open-source tool designed to circumvent censorship suffered by millions of Internet users in several countries where freedom of expression is a right that they do not have.

With this tool, you can turn your computer into a proxy server that will connect the user or users you want to give access to.

Among the Psiphon server and the client a secure, encrypted connection is established which can not be intercepted.

So if you have friends or acquaintances who can not see a particular page because it has been banned in their country or because the connection fails, send them the address of the Psiphon server.

This tool lets you establish a different user account, and all of them are protected with passwords that you may give to whomever you want.



Psiphon - Download for Windows


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