Audacity Portable 3.1.3 – Download for Windows

Audacity Portable - Download for Windows
Latest Version:3.1.3
Platform:Minimum: Windows 7 64-bit
Author:Official website
File size:~ 26 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Take your Audacity Portable with you and edit audio wherever you are.

Following the tracks of other GNU applications, Audacity Portable is a really full-featured application created by lots o developers, so it becomes really useful for all users.

Audacity Portable is the popular Audacity audio editor but now it is packaged as a portable app, so you can take your audio files along with everything you need to edit and record on the go, You only have to place it on your USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod or any portable device and use it on any PC

Thanks to it, you will be able to perform the most usual actions included in other audio edition tools, like playing and recording tracks, but you will also be able to perform advanced options like adding effects or mix files and songs.

It is very easy to use thanks to an intuitive and fresh interface that will make a pleasure out of your audio tasks.

It supports the most used formats like WAV, AIFF, AU, MP3… and it’s totally FREE!



Audacity Portable - Download for Windows


What’s new:
This is a patch release. It improves the following aspects:
– Improved performance. Loading in projects especially should now be up to 50x faster compared to 3.1.0.
– Added snap guides when resizing clips
– Added new shortcuts for looping: Shift+L for “Set Loop to Selection”, Shift+Alt+L for “Clear Looping Region”
– Added a new selection region indicator in the timeline (identical in function as the one found pre-3.1, but with updated visuals)​
– Changed error messages to look less like a crash report
– Re-added the Quick Play indicator (green triangle and line) that got lost during 3.1.0 development
– Fixed Play-at-speed not updating the playback speed dynamically
– Fixed looping regions being created unintentionally when attempting to use Timeline Quick Play
– Fixed looping sometimes playing the wrong audio
– Fixed a bug that could cause data-loss when joining multiple clips
– Fixed scrub preview visibility
– Fixed a bug when trying to locate FFMPEG manually
– Fixed a glitch with Loop Playback
– Fixed a crash and a macOS-specific bug when renaming sync-locked clips using a dialog box
– Fixed a crash when releasing a clip handle
– Fixed a freeze when closing Audacity with the logging window open
– Fixed a crash when loading a saved project using certain compilers
– Fixed a crash on paste after running macros
– Fixed a crash when cancelling a nyquist prompt


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