Code::Blocks 20.03 – Download for Windows

Code Blocks - Download for Windows
Latest Version:20.03
Platform:Minimum:Windows XP
Author:Official website
File size:~ 145 MB
License:Free/Open Source
Security level:100% Safe

IDE for C++ including MinGW compiler

Code Blocks is an excellent option for programming in C++. It is an open-source, integrated, cross-platform development environment that supports the use of multiple compilers, such as GCC (MingW/GNU GCC), MSVC , Digital Mars, Borland C++ 5.5, and Open Watcom. The default compiler that this Code Blocks packet comes with is MinGW.

Code Blocks’ functionality can be expanded by using plugins. It has a fast, customized construction system that doesn’t require makefiles, and allows you to perform parallel constructions on systems with a multi-core CPU.

Code Block’s debugger supports the application of breakpoints on the source code, or on the data that the program handles, as well as the establishment of conditions and counters for said breakpoints. You can also create defined inspections by the user. Another noteworthy feature is custom memory dumps.

Lastly, Code Blocks colors the source-code syntax, includes a ‘code folding’ function for C++ and XML languages, has a tabbed interface, comes with a class browser, and a feature for completing the source-code.


Code Blocks - Download for Windows


Change Log:

What’s new:
– Fix crash when showing the call tip
– Fix doxygen spelling in the settings panel
– Make the size of toolbar controls configurable in the settings
– Fix an issue that Code Completion list got hidden after shown up
– Fix assert on generate ctor implementation
– Fix possible inconsistency caused by bad usage of cbAssert – the expression must not have side effects, because in some builds they might not be executed
– Fix default colours for code call tips
– Send proper events for ‘Autoselect single match’
– Automatically test for doxygen document.
– Fix a bug that we have forget adding the doxygen documents for macro
– Fix a endless loop crash bug when parsing C99 designated initializer
– Try to fix issue #14 for real this time (high memory consumption due to recursive symbolic links)
– show an error to the user if expression could not be resolved
– Fix a parsing std namespace bug.

– Mark the GDB attach to process command to be a continue command
– Remove squirrel based pretty printers – users are supposed to use the gdb-python-pretty-printers
– Disable the Examine memory menu item for child or special (function args and local variables) watches
– Make it possible to examine the memory of non-pointer variables like structs
– Make it possible to examine the memory of a watched variable using the contect menu in the watchs windwo
– Truncate the value when displaying the watches tooltip
– Fix crash in the disassembly windows
– Fix parsing of shortened strings
– Make the source code in mixed mode to be treated as comments by the asm lexer
– Save the Mixed mode setting from the Disassembly dialog
– Examine memory dialog remembers the size to dump
– Fix parsing of backtrace produced by newer CDB’s
– Make if possible to debug 32bit program with CDB 64bit
– Don’t call EditorLinesAddedOrRemoved twice for split editors
– Don’t print a warning when the current compiler is set to “No compiler” and the active debugger is set to “Target’s default”
– Set print elements limit to the default for gdb, using unlimited has proven to be dangerous
– Fix gdb watch parsing error when there is a repeating sequence just before a closing brace ‘}’
– Fix issue #254 – make it possible to use the stop button for the CDB debugger


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