CodeIgniter 4.0.3 – Download for Windows

CodeIgniter - Download for Windows
Latest Version:4.0.3
Platform:Minimum: Windows XP
Author:Official website
File size:~ 2 MB
Security level:100% Safe

CodeIgniter is a PHP Framework for web development

CodeIgniter is a web working environment for the development of web applications in PHP, that helps with writing in the source code and reduces the time required to complete things. It is based on the model view controller system.

One of the most interesting characteristics of this framework is a large number of classes that are included for working with different objects: calendar, database, email, image editing, FTP, language, tables, sessions, ZIP compression, etc.

Unlike other frameworks, this one comes with excellent documentation that lets you know all the secrets of this working environment.

To run CodeIgniter on your computer, you will need to have a web server, such as Apache, and the PHP programming language. It is also possible to use it remotely.



CodeIgniter - Download for Windows



GNU license.


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