Eraser – Download for Windows

Eraser - Download for Windows
Latest Version:
Platform:Minimum: Windows XP and up
Author:Official website
File size:~ 8 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Eliminate any file in a safe way with Eraser tool.

Eraser is part of that group of programs that give you the possibility to delete any file from any drive definitely.

You may know that when you delete any program, it actually destroys the registry that points to the place where the program is stored, but the information remains in the disc. That’s a problem if you want to keep your privacy because if anyone accesses your computer and wants to restore that info, it could be done with no problem.

Eraser allows you to eliminate the files magnetically, it means that it really erases the information.

You can choose from different erase patterns, some of them are recommended by the U.S. Government. You can also configure an erase method manually.

Erase can work with full units or only some files, you decide what you want to delete.

Eraser - Download for Windows


What’s new:
– Updated Italian translation.
– Updated LZMA SDK for Bootstrapper to use the beta 9.22 SDK which is the only one available from 7-zip.
– Improved Recycle Bin support for non-NTFS drives on Windows.
– Fixed Scheduler display bug where tasks added using the Shell Context Menu could appear in the schedule as Not Queued even if it was configured to run automatically, if a task was already running.
– Fixed dereferencing of non-volume reparse points. Erasing files in earlier versions when a reparse point was in a path could cause Eraser to refuse erasing the file.
– Disable all entropy mixing algorithms except SHA-1 so that Eraser can continue to function even when FIPS mode is enabled under Windows XP.
– Bug fix for CryptoAPI crash on startup under certain circumstances.
– Fixed persistence of non-default erasure methods for erasure targets.
– Allow users to exit from an invalid custom erasure method editor state if he clicks cancel or closes the dialog.


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