HeavyLoad – Download for Windows

HeavyLoad - Download for Windows
Latest Version:
Platform:Windows XP and up
Author:Official website
File size:~ 14 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Test your system performance and know its limit with the HeavyLoad tool.

HeavyLoad is a free application for Windows that test your system and test its performance by increasing the load step by step until it reaches its limit.

What if you could practically know the limits of your system? If you have an old PC, you’ll probably know its limits, but some people can be proud of not knowing the limits of their PC because they have never overloaded their system.

This tool is specially focused on the memory use and the drives by writing, creating and erasing massively. If you want to check how good is your system and how much you can require it, HeavyLoad will give you the exact point.


HeavyLoad - Download for Windows



Free version.


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