Minetest 5.2.0 – Download for Windows

Minetest - Download for Windows
Latest Version:5.2.0
Platform:Minimum: Windows 7 64-bit
Author:Official website
File size:~ 17 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Minetest is like Minecraft, but Free and Open Source

Minetest is an adventure, survival, and freestyle creation game loosely based on Minecraft. The difference is that it’s open-source and totally free. That basically means that the user base constantly uploads new content.

This game encourages your creativity, much like Minecraft. You can break blocks, stack them, forge tools and other objects, create buildings, and anything else you can imagine. There are two game modes available: sandbox and normal. The first one has an unlimited cache of blocks. The normal one, however, makes you work hard to survive.

Without a doubt, the best thing about Minetest is that you can play online with friends by creating and building on your own servers. That means you can share space with more than a dozen players and work together in creating any type of building.

Minetest is the best free alternative to Minecraft. The advantages and possibilities don’t end there, they continue with your own vision. Make sure you check out the images and tap into the limitless potential that Minetest offers you.



Minetest - Download for Windows



What’s new:
Client / Audiovisuals:
– Fix alpha blending in texture modifiers (Warr1024)
– Make natural night light as bright as MT 0.4.16 (paramat)
– Shader fixes (lhofhansl, SmallJoker)
– Clean up font caching, fix bitmap fonts (SmallJoker)
– Waves generated with Perlin-type noise #8994 (lhofhansl)
– Attachments: Fix glitches after detach (SmallJoker)
– Let node ‘place’ and ‘dug’ sounds be heard by other players (sfan5)
– Fix weird looking liquid source (Wuzzy2)
– Basic model shading (dcbrwn)
– Improve arm inertia animations (kilbith)

GUI Improvements
– Add visual feedback for button states (Df458)
– Formspec: draw order and clipping for all elements (DS)
– Refactor internal button styling/rendering code (Df458′)
– Formspec: Fix clicking on tooltip-obstructed elements (DS)
– Formspec: change cursor on fields and co. (DS)
– Various new formspec bug fixes (SmallJoker)
– Formspec: Add 9-slice background support to button elements (Df458)
– Formspec: add hypertext[] element (pyrollo)
– Formspec: animated_image[] (Df458, kilbith)
– Make clipping of formspec elements more consistent (Df458)
– Remove outdated field_close_on_enter[] warnings in element parameters (SmallJoker)
– Fix mouse events sent to wrong GUI elements when dragging (sfan5)
– Restore intuitive click-through behaviour (DS)

– Wear out tools on punch (sfan5)
– Tunnels: Completely disable generation when ‘cave width’ >= 10.0 (paramat)
– Randomwalk cave liquids: Remove deprecated ‘lava depth’ (paramat)
– Automatically enable the mod’s dependencies in the world config menu (HybridDog)
– Clean up craft replacements docs (pauloue)
– Falling nodes: add missing support for light sources, most drawtypes, and paramtype2s (Wuzzy2)
– Remove legacy flat-file map code and documentation (random-geek)
– Fix packet receiving in server and client (sfan5)
– Key settings: Cancel with escape, clear with delete (SmallJoker)


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