Mobogenie – Download for Windows

Mobogenie - Download for Windows
Latest Version:3.3.6
Platform:Windows XP and up
Author:Official website
File size:~ 36 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Control your smartphone from your computer with Mobogenie.

Mobogenie is a Windows application for controlling your Android smartphone from your computer, without needing to look at both screens at once.

No special cables are needed to connect the two devices. This tool lets you perform a range of functions just as if you were using your phone instead of your computer, as well as others that you can’t perform directly with the smartphone, such as a full restore.

You can do backups, install or uninstall apps, and even access Google Play and download games directly from there. You can access all the data stored on your phone’s memory and basically do anything you’d normally do from your Android.

This tool gives you so much freedom that you can even send text messages to your contacts from your PC.

You can also manage your phone’s settings, with options, for instance, to select your main ringtone and preset background.

Without a doubt, the main appeal of managing apps from your computer lies in not needing any sort of Internet connection, which allows you to restore and install programs stored locally on your hard drive.

Mobogenie is an interesting method for managing your smartphone from your PC, smoothing the process of carrying out daily tasks and doing others that you normally can’t do directly from your device.


Mobogenie - Download for Windows


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