PhotoBulk – Download for Windows

PhotoBulk - Download for Windows
Latest Version:1.0.257
Platform:Windows XP and up
Author:Official website
File size:~ 3 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Put watermarks on your pictures using PhotoBulk.

If you’re looking for a tool to put a simple watermark on your pictures to protect them from being used without your permission, PhotoBulk is a great option that can help you show off your work while keeping it protected. The program is equipped with a few basic functions that, although they’re a bit limited, include everything you need to put your mark on your work.

Thanks to its simplicity, you won’t come across any problems when using Photobulk to edit your photos even if you’ve never used a similar program. Its interface is very straight forward, displaying four options that are clearly marked and will only open up if you click on them. This will help avoid any confusion caused by a mixing of different menus with different options.

Photobulk’s four options include watermarks, change the size, optimize, and rename. In the first tab, you’ll be able to add both text and images, whose size and position can be adjusted. With dozens of sources, a four centimeter by four-centimeter square that indicates where the watermark will appear, and a bar that allows you to change the opacity, you won’t have any limits on what you want your watermark to be and where you want to place it.

The other features included in the program allow you to make smaller adjustments, including ones to the size and the name. Once you’ve finished editing the image, you’ll be able to save it as either a JPEG or PNG file. Once you’ve finished this last step, you’ll be ready to share your pictures and post them wherever you want without having to worry about someone stealing your work or using it without your permission. The watermarks will also help people identify which pictures are yours.



PhotoBulk - Download for Windows



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