phpMyAdmin 5.0.2 – Download for Windows

phpMyAdmin - Download for Windows
Latest Version:5.0.2
Platform:Minimum: Windows XP
Author:Official website
File size:~ 13 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Manage your MySQL database on the web using phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin and MySQL are probably the most powerful free combination to manage any database.

We’re talking about a very stable and totally secure system to completely manage the MySQL database of your website or any other web application. And it’s accessible from any place with a simple browser on the internet or a local network.

With phpMyAdmin, you can do all the necessary operations to manage your tables and databases. You can create or modify tables, insert and update data, inquiries… You won’t need anything else to manage your data!

This is a multi-language tool released under a GPL license that is used by millions of people. So, there is a lot of information online about how to use the program.

In addition to creating and editing databases, it allows you to export them in different formats (SV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300 as well as text and spreadsheet programs from OpenDocument, Word y LATEX, among others). It allows you to manage different servers, modify the permissions and privileges for each user, and create relational PDF graphics of your database.



phpMyAdmin - Download for Windows



What’s new in MEmu:
The two most notable fixes:
– Issue #15724 regarding two-factor authentication
– PMASA-2020-1 which is an SQL injection vulnerability in the user accounts page


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