RapidTyping 5.4 – Download for Windows

RapidTyping - Download for Windows
Latest Version:5.4
Platform:Windows XP and up
Author:Official website
File size:~ 16 MB
Security level:98% Safe

Improve your typing skills with RapidTyping

Take a fascinating underwater tour and learn quick and blind keyboard printing without mistakes. That’s what we offer you with this lite program.

Rapid Typing is a piece of software which is intended to be used by those users who want to improve their typing skills because that is important, you will save a lot of time if you know to type.

Rapid Typing is housed in a simple but beautiful interface and it is easy to use, you only have to press the letters shown on screen. Of course, if you do not look at the keyboard you will learn more and faster. Furthermore, if you are not used not to look at it you can show a keyboard on the screen, so you can get used to looking at the screen instead of at the keyboard.

It includes several levels with several series of letters, the higher the level is, the hardest the exercises are and they include more letters and in a different position in the keyboard.

When you finish each exercise it shows you your speed and accuracy level, so you can know how good you are and if you have improved or not.

RapidTyping - Download for Windows


Current lesson:
– Added color coding on the Tips bar.
– Fixed wrong assignment of next course.
– Fixed resetting custom background and text color after starting a new course.
– Fixed the incorrect message «Change system keyboard language» when changing the language course.

– Fixed export of statistics of one group or student in HTML and XML formats.

Result window:
– Fixed missing key labels in keystroke diagram.
– Fixed transparent space under lesson grades.

– Added courses for Arabic keyboards (thanks to Mohamed Embabi).
– Intermediate and advanced English courses are available for Indian keyboard.

Wizard window:
– Fixed updating of the virtual keyboard when changing the language.

– Added Vietnamese program language (thanks to Hoang Duong).
– Fixed uninstallation using the «Apps and features» command in Windows 10.


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