Subtitle Edit 3.5.17 – Download for Windows

Subtitle Edit - Download for Windows
Latest Version:3.5.17
Platform:Minimum: Windows XP
Author:Official website
File size:~ 7 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Subtitle Edit is an open-source subtitle editor.

Subtitle Edit is a tool whose main function is the editing and creation of subtitles from a simple interface that will allow you to correct a couple of lines in a matter of seconds.

Something that can give you such a headache, like subtitles that are out-of-sync, can be fixed from the main window of the program by simply adjusting the time that you’d like to delay or advance the subtitles (down to the millisecond).

You’ll find various modes available to edit subtitles. You can do it with just the text in front of you, writing normally and adjusting times, or with the video playing to check and make sure that the images are synching with your words.

Subtitle Edit is an extremely useful program for any fan who wants to see movies and TV series in their original language. Since synching errors are very common with subtitles on the web, this program comes in handy to correct them quickly and painlessly.


Subtitle Edit - Download for Windows



What’s new:

– Add new subtitle formats – thx Holmgeir
– Add new subtitle (Excel) format – thx Jecy
– Add new subtitle (json) format – thx Maksim
– Add new subtitle format FCP Xml 1.8 – thx Maria
– Add new subtitle (dv) format – thx George
– Add new sub format (rtf) – thx m0ck69
– Add shortcuts for Tools menu items Split/Append/Join – thx z3us
– Add shortcuts for “Merge line with same text/time-code” – thx Mike
– Add shortcuts “Set end and pause” + “Export to PAC” – thx Milenko
– Add shortcut for File – Compare
– Add shortcut for “Ext sel lines to next sc – gap” – thx m0ck69/OmrSi
– Add shortcuts for “move selected lines” – thx OmrSi
– Add shortcuts for “Snap to Scene Change” – thx OmrSi
– Add shortcuts for Fixing RTL – thx OmrSi
– Add context menu item for “Set default fixes” in FCE
– Cmd line convert use header from EBU STL file – thx malashin
– Add “ocrengine” parameter to cmd line convert
– Add “Export to FCP+image” in OCR window – thx Marko
– Add alignment support for .scc files – thx madprogramer
– Add “Batch convert” filter for MKV language code – thx OmrSi
– Add “Adjust Durations” to “Batch Convert” – thx JD
– Add “Remove cues with style/actor” to “Batch Convert”
– Add hidden “Split removes dashes” option – thx OmrSi
– Add frame mode for “Bridge gaps between subtitles” – thx Jan
– Add some support for CDG Karaoke => Bluray sup – thx Peter

– Update Bulgarian translation – thx KalinM
– Update Hungarian translation – thx Zityi
– Update Finnish translation – thx Teijo S
– Update Korean translation – thx domddol
– Update Portugese translation – thx moob
– Update Greek translation – thx Lero91
– Update Russian translation – thx Elheym
– Update Polish spell check dictionary – thx borifax
– Improve support for transport stream in “cmd line convert”
– Improve support for transport stream in “Batch convert”
– Improve reading of badly formatted srt files – thx Gordon
– Show warning when saving DCinema formats in non-utf-8
– Improve “Import plain text” for small resolutions – thx doquan0
– Improve end-color-font-tag for EBU 3+ lines
– Update Finnish spell check to libvoikko 4.3 (2019-11-24)
– Finnish spell check should now also work on Linux – thx Gitraffe
– Allow higher (1000) max margin for SSA/ASS thx Looi
– Change preferred ANSI code page for Turkish(1254)/Hebrew(1255)
– Allow RTF for “Multiple files” in “Import plain text” – thx George
– Keep italic/bold/u from RTF in “Import plain text” – thx George
– “Modify selection/uppercase” now ignores tags – thx Lokotito
– Spell check: Allow user words starting with dash – thx t2YU2m8l83
– WebVTT: Improved support for style/region
– Better frame info in “Apply min. gap” – thx OmrSi
– Netflix quality check: Customizable and new rules – thx OmrSi/Jan
– Make “Merge dialog” work when one line is selected – thx OmrSi
– Make move words between subs work with original – thx OmrSi

– Fix drop of subs in bd .sup files with overlap – thx mwalimu
– Fix for overlap in “Tools -> Adjust durations” – thx Christian
– Fix bug in EBU STL ms to frames – thx Lucius Snow
– Fix some shortcuts being written to text box – thx rebawest
– Keep bookmarks after edit in source view – thx Ingo
– Fix syntax coloring after replace – thx OmrSi
– Fix minor label issue at startup – thx Bill
– Fix crash on very very long text lines
– Fix bug in export multi-line-bold/box-for-each-line – thx thehulk
– Fix bug in export text with font-size – thx thehulk
– Fix shortcut validation for a few menu items – thx LiMa79#4271
– Fix web color to hex color in DCinema – thx Antonio
– Ignore comments (NOTE) in WebVTT – thx Issity
– Fix for TTML short time code – thx Aylen
– Fix bug in split with continuation style / Arabic – thx OmrSi
– Fix crash in “Add pair to OCR list” – thx jdsanchezii
– Don’t leave .ass file in temp dir – thx Janusz
– Renumber after “Merge short lines”
– Fix “Undo” after “Tools – Join” – thx TehBotolSosro
– Fix a bug w max dur in “Extend to next or Max” – thx OmrSi
– Fix issue with space/music-sym in “Remove text for HI” – thx Sam
– Fix waveform delay sync issue in mkv – thx Joel
– Improve reading of broken ts streams – thx maknol
– Fix issue wtih Tesseract “Stop”
– No overlap in insert new sub at video pos – thx m0ck69/OmrSi
– Fix image export issue with align+justify for box
– Fix transparent color in bdsup export – the thehulk
– Fix crash in spell check – thx FeMaster1
– Fix change tracking after translate – thx Sopor
– Fix bugs with export plain text settings – thx raidsan


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