Sweet Home 3D 7.0.2 – Download for Windows

Sweet Home 3D - Download for Windows
Latest Version:7.0.2
Platform:Minimum: Windows XP
Author:Official website
File size:~ 79 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Design your house in 3D in an easy and accurate way with Sweet Home 3D

If you are new in the subject of 3D design and you want to try a CAD program to design a house or a part of it, stop searching, you are reading about the best free choice you can find. Sweet Home 3D is a great alternative for those expensive CAD programs you’ll find over there.

You’ll be able to design indoor environments very accurately thanks to the measurement system integrated into Sweet Home 3D. Creating a room is as simple as dragging a pair of lines on a plain because the program will generate the 3D model automatically.

Don’t worry about the doors or windows spaces because when using Sweet Home 3D will create that space when you’ll place a window or a door on a curtain wall.

From the ‘Preferences’ area, you can change the interface language and measurement unit, disable 3D navigation arrows, magnetism, rulers, and the grid, as well as specify the new thickness and height of the walls. Options can be restored to their default values.

The program requires a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, has a good response time, and includes user documentation. Sweet Home 3D did not freeze, crash, or pop up errors throughout our testing.

Finally, the gallery of objects is vast and you can even add new ones if they are formatted as OBJ, LWS, or 3DS.

Give it a try, remember, it´s totally free ad it can make you save a lot of money.



Sweet Home 3D - Download for Windows


Change Log:
What’s new:
– Fixed wrong layout of the second step in Furniture import wizard for a few cases under Windows.
– Filled rooms which have an invisible floor with a more transparent color in the plan.
– Fixed transparency of rooms in SVG export.
– Used a screenshot for the icon image created at the end of Furniture import wizard under Windows.
– Kept the 3D view detached from the main window at reopening if it’s partially visible.
– Fixed wrong connections of a split wall when two walls are connected to each other.
– Added YafaRay libraries in Mac OS X 10.4-10.9 installer.
– Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.


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