WatermarkIt – Download for Windows

WatermarkIt - Download for Windows
Latest Version:1.0.5
Platform:Windows XP and up
Author:Official website
File size:~ 2 MB
Security level:100% Safe

Protect your photos by stamping your watermark with WatermarkIt.

Do you want to protect the photos you are going to upload to your photo gallery? Sometimes people steal them and publish them again, but if you use this lite and easy to use the program, your pictures will be always yours. It is time to try WatermarkIt.

Use WatermarkIt to add visible transparent watermark to your photos or images before you publish them, this will ensure that no one will be able to copy your images or photos.

Thanks to WatermarkIt you will be able to add the watermark to several pictures at the same time, and you can set your watermark, so it can be text, image or both together.

Choose the transparency, light, rotation, color,… customize your text watermark: Choose your font, color, alignment, style, border, etc…

And when you finish it, save watermarks created and you will be able to use the same watermark whenever you want.



WatermarkIt - Download for Windows



The trial version only lets you create one template.


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